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The skills involved in setting up a light backpack serve well for both hiking and touring. Learning what is really necessary and then finding high quality gear that meets my honest needs leads to much less carried and more fun. I hope this journal is as much fun to read as it is to write.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Warrior Trail

I have been reading "A Sorrow in Our Heart, The Life of Tecumseh" by Allan Eckert. It is a biography of the famous Shawnee Warrior who died about 1814. He lived much of his life about 5 miles from my house in a place now known as Old Town, Ohio.

US 68 goes through Old Town and proceeds from there south to the Ohio River crossing at Maysville KY and Aberdeen Ohio. This is an ancient trail used by Native Americans long before Europeans began filtering into the woods west of the Appalachians in the 1700s. According to Eckert, this specific path was known as the Warrior Path. It crosses the Ohio near Limestone Creek, and the settlement that Simon Kenton worked hard to get off the ground. It proceeds past Blue Licks and ends up in Paris KY which is in Bourbon County, just north and east of Lexington.

I decided to drive the Warrior Path on my motorcycle on this cool spring day. It took me a couple hours to drive the 110 miles south to Maysville and drive through the old downtown. Down and back, I kept thinking about the old trail that must have more closely followed the creeks and streams that often border US 68.

It was good to get outside, smell the air, see the fields with their newly greening grass, and visit a town I had never been inside. I'd recommend the trip anytime the weather is cooperative, and I plan to take it again - on a day that I have the time to drive the 25 additional miles to the Blue Licks battlefield.


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