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The skills involved in setting up a light backpack serve well for both hiking and touring. Learning what is really necessary and then finding high quality gear that meets my honest needs leads to much less carried and more fun. I hope this journal is as much fun to read as it is to write.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blue Ridge Parkway - Day 4

305 miles
Starting: Grafton WV
Ending: Dayton OH

I began the day before 7 AM with a fuel stop in Grafton.  The city was shrouded in fog as thick as pea soup.  The roads were quite twisty and narrow and wet. It made driving in the fog a chore. 

Outside town, on top of a ridge, I caught sight of clear skies above, just before plunging into the thick fog once more.  This continued to Clarksburg, where the sky cleared, and the road became a standard 4 lane divided highway, but with only some of the entrances being cloverleafs.  There were still some traffic lights and some direct entry onto the road. 

But after a bunch of miles on poorly improved two lane roads, the road way surface was both dry and free of gravel.  This was very good.  I had breakfast at a McDonalds in Clarksburg, where a group of Honda Pacific Coast bike owners were gathered for a ride.  Their bike is a sweet little thing - 800 cc with a trunk for storage!  Shaft drive, but unfortunately not built in the last 7 years. 

The drive from Clarksburg to Parkersburg was easy and fast. The good road continued to Athens Ohio, and then a very familiar part of US 50 took me to Chillicothe and back to Dayton.

When I was in Chillicothe, I called my riding and hiking buddy Mike K, who was at the Dayton Hamvention.  We agreed to meet there about 1 PM - a get together which worked out great - Hamvention has special close parking for motorcycles.

I had fun talking to some friends from the amateur radio world and then headed home. 

It was a great half week trip, full of interest, interesting places, weather experiences, and a good look at the country.  I can't wait to get out and do it again.


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