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Friday, April 07, 2006

Walking with Freedom

I had the pleasure of watching Michael Daniel's "Walking with Freedom" DVD last night.

This is a very nice travelogue of the AT, with the best assortment of nature photography I have seen. From bears to newts to chipmunks to flowers - it is all there.

It is also one of the best sets of pictures of the many states of the trail. Here he chronicles the smooth paths, the mud, the rocks, the climbs, and the summits.

Michael walked the AT in 2003, the rainy year, and the video is full of rain pictures and soggy hikers.

He does not go very far into his feelings or what he is learning in this film. If I have any critique, it is that here we see a set of photos that remind me of what I saw on the trail, but not much about the personality of the people along the way.

Lion King on the top of Mt Washington

Is the film worth watching? Absolutely! It is wonderful to see the work that can be produced by a professional photographer as he travels the trail.

It is never mentioned, but I would guess that all of the filming and the carrying of equipment was done by Michael Daniel without much support. This is something to consider, especially given the rainy season he hiked through.

For more information and for buying the film, please see the website:


I'd also like to thank my hiking buddy, Michael K for lending me his copy of the DVD.


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